Clarity around Flight plan in MSFS

I’m fairly new to all this and have read through a few posts in advance, but I think I’m still a few steps behind most on here.

I consider myself a more casual level enthusiast when it comes to simulating actual flight planning and am simply looking to understand how Navigraph integrates into MSFS from that perspective. I’m open to alternative suggestions, but for the sake of simplicity and time, I use the in-game default flight planner for IFR flights as I don’t feel up to spending time in Simbrief as it’s just too much for what I’m after.

My Questions are therefore;

  1. Do the AIRAC cycles update (or override) the in-game MSFS default Flight Planner? Will waypoints be more plentiful and accurate now?
  2. If yes, is this true for all Aircraft in the sim, or just for add-ons (non-Asobo)?

I’ve experimented with Navigraph Charts to create an export file as an added level of realism to my planning, but I’ve found the following issues;

  1. Since you must select a departure runway in Charts you appear to have to start on an active runway only at the start of a flight (ie No Parking /Cold and Dark starts) unless;
  2. If you do change to a non-active runway (“Parking”) in the MSFS planner, Charts will not load the flight plan properly when you open the App
  3. Charts and the FMS often fly slightly different routes and omit waypoints

Under My Content Manager AIRAC 2213 Rev 2 is installed.



  1. The Navigraph Navigational Data replaces and is more comprehensive than the default supplied data.
  2. This is so for default and supported add on aircraft
  3. If you load a Navigraph Charts generated plan into MSFS then change to start at a parking position, MSFS will recalculate the flight plan. This is an MSFS issue, and not a Navigational Data issue.
  4. There should be little difference between Charts and Navigraph Data appearing in supported FMCs as they are from the same AIRAC cycle. You would need to provides specifics for us to investigate.


Hi Ian - Thanks very much for your explanation. Given your commentary in point #3, I think this is contributing to the flight path differences in Charts vs the FMC as it last occurred after changing the starting spot in MSFS to a Parking location after importing a “Charts” flight plan (Flight was from CYVR to CYAZ in the Asobo King Air)

If I may ask - What is the community’s verdict on the preferred way to load an IFR flight plan into MSFS that allows oneself to start Dark/Cold. Charts seems simple to use with the export option, but you seem to have to select a departure runway that is then imported as a literal starting location.

Thanks again

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