Content.xml issues?


It seems i may be having issues with my navigraph, just did an approach to SVMI and did not line up with the runway 10L :frowning:

Below is my content.xml

x?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8” standalone=“yes”?x
xPackage name=“fs-base-nav” priority=“1”/x
xPackage name=“navigraph-navdata-base” priority=“2”/x
xPackage name=“1_tnca-oranjestad–reina-beatrix-intl” priority=“3”/x
xPackage name=“e3nltd-airport-tnca-aruba-island-2022” priority=“4”/x
xPackage name=“1_tncc-willemstad–hato-intl” priority=“5”/>
xPackage name=“e3nltd-airport-tncc-curacao-is-” priority=“6”/x
xPackage name=“navigraph-navdata” priority=“7”/x

I noticed always reset after i set it to priority 3

xPackage name=“navigraph-navdata” priority=“7”/x

I manually update it each time to

xPackage name=“navigraph-navdata” priority=“3”/x

Would this cause issues and how can i fix it?

Maybe setting the file to readonly?

=x (otherwise forum wont display it)


updated my post to display the content.xml

do you use the SVMI stock scenery or any 3rd party scenery … because the stock scenery is outdated and has only runway 10 and not the new L and R runways. Possible that´s the reason why it´s not lined up …

Reference link to this:


Hi, thank you for your reply.

I have the Pksim SVMI airport (payware) i will check if there an update.


Hi Navigraph,

I was almost to open the same “post” about the content.xml file. It seems to me that since SU10 and the related re-structuring of “content.xml” file there are issues all around.

I have always issues again onto the ILS approaches (in Wien as an example were I had an high altitude above THR reported to you some time ago and it was well fixed…).
It looks like all Navaids on the ground are somehow based on the “FS base” data and not anymore to your custom navigraph data…
I checked immediately the content file and I got how you data looks to be in “second priority” when loading… could be the factor of such issues?

Is annoying to be again quite very high above THR (on the glide) but on full white papi and at around 150ft over THR (funny TCH…).

Thanks for double checking

Hi Andrea,
the priority is correct - first load the FS-Base package and THEN our package. So, our package will overrule the FS-Base package because it will load after it.

I have also tested the ILS29 approach into LOWW but can’t reproduce any issue with a wrong/too high THR.


Hello Richard,

thanks as always for promptly answering on all our posts.
Good to hear about the ordering (I was not sure before).

About LOWW, that is definitely strange. I do always arrive “too high” there with A/P on flying perfectly on the Glide, in fact I do have to manually get “below” the glide to catch the touchdown zone, following the gide I do “end up” onto the last touchdown marking for 29…

I have LOWW by Gaya installed (since day one almost), I hope is it not the cause…
What is strange is that it never happened upon before SU10. O_o and I fly regularly in Wien…

Definitely I need to investigate on that.

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