Confused about how to open and close beta charts 8 in game

I am confused about options for opening, closing and viewing the beta charts 8 in game panel for MSFS.

  1. Often it opens by itself when I load a flight. What prompts that to occur?
  2. If its open and I press CTRL+N it seems to close and if I press CTRL+N again it opens but this time its only a black screen showing within the app. If I press CTRL+N again, the app opens with expected display. Why?
    Sometimes when I press CTRL+N NAVADATA log opens, but usually not.
  3. What is the function of the X closer on the edge of the app which shuts it down as opposed to CTRL+N?
  4. It seems if I minimize using _ and then click the standard app box icon it maximizes to fill the whole screen which I do not want.
    A little tutorial or summary about all this would be appreciated.


Hi Greg,

  1. If the Charts Beta In-Game panel (IGP) was running when MSFS was closed, it will open when MSFS starts.

  2. Ctrl-N is the equivalent of pressing image i.e minimise, but without leaving the IGP minimised bar. Pressing again restores IGP. This should not be a blank screen and is being dealt with at Blank map in the new panel - #5 by alexberry. Make sure you have the latest IGP installed. For Navdata log appearing please see Using CTRL-N to bring up the in-game panel

  3. The image closes IGP, rather than minimising using Ctrl-N.

  4. Seems like Ctrl-N is what you are seeking.

Hopefully this provides the info you need for the Beta test


Thanks Ian for fast response. It is clear now.


Also playing around with it more, the black screen occurs only when IGP is left open upon exiting MSFS, causing it to reopen when reloading MSFS. IGP loads fine but then if CTRL+N is called it switches to a black screen instead of minimizing. If one fully then exits IGP and restarts it from the tool bar, or closes it fully before exiting MSFS so it can only be invoked from the tool bar, CTRL+N works as expected. Opens and closes without minimizing, and no black screen. I will just have to remember to close it before I exit MSFS.


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