Using CTRL-N to bring up the in-game panel

When using CTRL-N to bring up the In-Game Panel, this also brings up this NAVLOG window as seen in the screenshot below. I’ve tried removing any default key bindings in MSFS for CTRL-N but I still get this window together with the Navigraph Charts windows whenever I use CTRL-N.

How can I make this window stop from popping up and only have the Navigraph Charts window pop up?

I doubt it is a Navigraph issue, but uninstall / install Navigraph In Game Panel using Navigraph Navdata Center to be sure.

Ctrl-N toggles Navigraph In Game Panel.
N toggles Navlog.

Maybe you or your keyboard is holding on to N after releasing CTRL? Maybe a keyboard issue. Try a different keyboard?


Thanks Ian, I will simply get rid of the default binding for Navlog. Never used it anyway.

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