Charts Update Status?

How do I find out the current AIRIC cycle in the Charts App? I have serched everywhere. It is good to know that the charts are the latest cycle.
Kev M

I’m curious too. I also have access to Jeppesen FliteDeckPro, and have found a few inconsistencies with the published chart dates.

Here’s the FD Pro chart for HKG Rwy 25R, dated 16 July 21

And the same chart in Navigraph Charts dated 9 July 21.

Whilst there doesn’t seem to be any differences beyond the changes description in the bottom left corner, I’m curious how up to date the Navigraph charts are.


The charts are current and updated each AIRAC cycle. Hence we don’t publish any dates in the apps as the charts are always current. Jeppesen’s own apps can receive weekly updates of the CAO charts, but such intra cycle updates are normally not significant. This is why you see a one-week difference in chart date in the Jepp app.



:+1: Awsome, thanks for the explanation. As I said, it was really more just a curiosity rather than any sort of complaint.

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