New to premium and TDS Garmin Pro version

Downloaded latest Navigraph programs last night and updated TDS to Pro last night. I notice that the latest AIRAC cycle downloads to my TDS 750xi and Navigraph Charts but the charts in it and in Navigraph charts are all still 2021 charts? I thought they would update to current cycle. Thanks for any insight how this works exactly.

TY Rob Droege K5B2

Hi Rob,
first of all a warm welcome at Navigraph and thanks for your report :wink:

May I ask, how you identified that the charts are from 2021? I ask because we don´t show the current cycle somewhere in the charts?!

Thank you very much,

Hello Richard, thanks for the response. When you open a chart either with the GTN 750 XI in the simulator or through the NAVigraph charts window you can see the date on them on top. The ones I open last night for my Home Airport, 5B2 Saratoga county airport New York State USA, they were dated I think February 2021 on the top of the chart. The dates are on the top of the chart. They also say they are Jeppeson. Thank you.

Robert Droege

Are you sure the Chart Selection option in the TDS settings is set to “Navigraph Charts” and not “FliteCharts”?

Hi Robert,
ah understood - no, this is not the cycle date - what you mean it´s the chart date.

Here a short description of a chart header:

The chart date is the date, where the chart was created/added in the Jeppesen database and has nothing todo with a AIRAC cycle. The effective date is the date, when this chart can be used.

I have looked on your example. When you compare the Jeppesen RNP05 chart with the FAA RNP05 chart you will see, that the effective date is the same:

Here the Jeppesen chart header (yellow the chart date, blue the effective date)

… and here the same example from the FAA - the blue marked date is also the effective date and equal to the Jeppesen effective date:

The green marker on the FAA plate is the current cycle information, but Jeppesen doesn´t print this information on their charts. Honestly, this information on the FAA is useless because important is the effective date and it´s nice to know that this chart from FEB/21 is still valid in AIRAC 2403 :wink:

We are updated the charts and the date every 28 days and you can be sure, that you always have the latest versions on your system.

Hope that helps, when not, please let me know …
In the meantime, Happy Easter to you :egg:

Thank you again I really appreciate you taking the time to explain all of that. I’m a real life Pilot, and didn’t realize it was just a day created. I use the Garmin system in my private plane. Your service and the TDS Garmin pro allows me to do quite a bit of practice on my home simulator with MSS. Have a great day.

Robert Droege

Thank you very much Robert … Let us know, whenever you have a question, an issue or any idea for an improvement of our service.

Thanks again and have a nice day

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