Charts Update Frequency (For Printing Purposes)

Hello :blush:

I want to collate an A5 folder of charts from all the frequent airports I visit, just so I have a physical copy of the chart right in front of me. So I was wondering just how often Ground Charts, SID’s and STAR’s etc actually get updated? I mean its pointless me printing off 100’s of charts if they are going to be outdated every 2 or 3 cycles. I have a feeling they don’t really get changed all that often? And even if the odd one did get updated, it would be easy for me to see via Navigraph Charts.

Thank you


Can anyone from Navigraph answer this please?

Hi Chris,


Navigraph Charts are updated with each AIRAC cycle. Only Charts that have changed are updated. We don’t have a list of changed charts, but you can see the dates on Charts, so could use this to determine if charts needed printing.


Thank you Ian. Much appreciated. That must be a hell of a lot of work for Navigraph just tracking what charts have changed lol. :open_mouth::+1: As I expected, I’ll print them off, and before I use them I’ll check to make sure they are in date.