Charts overlay & Simbrief

Figured I’d bring this up again after the launch of the newly updated Simbrief.

Real quick on Simbrief, i would like the option to quickly choose from my saved airframes when starting a new flight and not having to first choose the generic aircraft first on the left side then pick my saved custom aircraft on the right. The old version had all my saved airframes at top making it easy to pick my ac. Even saved flights where a saved custom airframe is saved, I’ll have to go through this process if I want to fly something different than what was previously saved. Otherwise it’s a huge upgrade to the dispatch service for sure.

As far as the Charts go…

the only thing I feel could be improved upon, would be the placement of procedure overlays, such as SID’s and STAR’s. The problem I run into, is once the overlay is displayed, the flight-plan’s way-point names cover some of the important data on the chart, such as a crossing restriction of 250 knots at some way-point. It’s being blocked by the way-point name. If memory serves me right the old style had the Procedure one layer above the flight plan where we could adjust the overlay transparency to see the plan underneath. The old way was easier to read because the info was on top and not blocked by the flight plan way-point names. if there was an option to allow us to choose which is on top, I’d select the procedure to be on top.

Again. Just little things. But i think most would agree with me on these two items.

Thanks again for making what was already a great product even better.



We’re considering adding some transparency to the route labels to facilitate reading information behind them. We’re also considering other placements of the labels themselves.

For the SimBrief report, please write a separate post about this in the SimBrief category, so it becomes visible to the right team members.



That’s already possible, don’t select anything in the left drop-down, the. right drop-down will then only your your custom airframes.



Thank you both for the quick reply. And I will try that method today @Rodeo314 .


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