Favourite Aircraft Types

First of all, thank you to everyone at Navigraph for working on this new Simbrief dispatcher, it’s been a blast using it so far.

However there is one feature that has seemed to have disappeared in the new update - forgive me if I have simply missed it.

Would it be possible to “favourite” some aircraft types so that they appear at the very top of the Aircraft Type dropdown list, above the dotted line? I do find myself struggling to scan that list for my aircraft sometimes as there are so many!

Many thanks

Hi, glad you like the new version!

If you save custom airframes for the aircraft you use most often, you can select them directly from the right-hand “Variant or Airframe” box without needing to scroll through the aircraft type first:

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Ooooh that’s rather obvious now I think about it, just had to get used to there being two seperate drop downs. Many thanks :slight_smile:

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