Suggestion: Chart overlay options when clicking runways in the route list

When I click on a STAR or SID in the route train at the top, I get the option to show the chart in overlay or window. It would be handy to have the same option for runways.

For example, my flow is to plan in Simbrief, then load from Simbrief in Navigraph. I like to pin my charts for the route and this can be a lot of clicking and scrolling to get to my runway chart. It would be super helpful to just click the runway in the route list and jump to the chart.

In fact, to go one further, it would be nice to have a new option to pin the chart in the click-menu when clicking runways, STARs, and SIDs.


Hello Mike!

Thank you for the feedback/suggestion, it is much appreciated!

Just to be clear, what runway charts are you referring to? The reference and familiarization charts?

For the addition of a “Pin to pinboard” option for the already existing context menu, I’ll add it to the list of features to look into!


I’m looking for the APP chart for the selected runway. To be able to view the chart when clicked, and ideally be able to pin it too would save me a click.

Perhaps I don’t fully understand you. It is possible to open the APP chart for a selected runway, as long as you have manually selected one.

image image

In the above screenshots, the left shows the result of not selecting a runway manually and letting Navigraph do an educated guess (“Direct to runway” option). The one to the right shows the same menu after manually selecting an approach.

It is my understanding that you’re suggesting the addition of a “Pin chart” option in that menu, and I’m all for it and will take it to the team! I do, however, believe that we already provide the option of looking up the APP charts by clicking on a valid waypoint in the route.

Please advise if you think I’m missing something!


I think I see what you saying/going on. There’s no chart option because there are multiple charts under the generic runway… Thanks for the clarification.

But yes, I think a pin option would otherwise be helpful for SIDs/STARs/selected runway approaches.


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