Charts Issue? Maps/Charts Taking Minutes to Load!

Hey Navigraph –

Over the last 3 days (?) or so, anytime I try to pull up a chart in Charts, it takes up to 2 to 3 minutes to load/display in Navigraph Charts. It does this via the browser as well as via the desktop app.

Anyone else having this issue?


FWIW I have been having the same issue.


Same here, on iOS. Charts are loading very very slow.

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Everything I do in Charts has been extremely slow for the last couple of days

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Same for me, on iOS. Started about 24 hours ago for me.

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Hi Team,

Make sure you are running the latest versions:

Charts Desktop and Charts Cloud V 8.28.0 Build 5311207087
Charts iPad V 8.28.1 Build 2

Once installed close app, restart device. and open app.

Please advise your location and ISP.

I note you are all in the US, so please advise who is your ISP. This could be the issue.


Hi Ian,
I confirmed I’m running the latest desktop version (8.28.0 Build 5311207087), and I also ran a speed test on my internet connection and it is fine. I’m in the North Dallas, Texas area and my ISP is AT&T.


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Hi, Ian. I too have been having issues with flightplans taking forever to load in from Simbrief export and waiting minutes for charts to load.

App is up-to-date with 8.28.1 Build5311207087 and ran “Check for Update” to confirm.

I’m in Southern California with ATT U-Verse for internet and my dl speeds are their normal speeds. No issues with other programs I use, just Navigraph Charts.

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I can confirm im on the latest iOS version and rebooted just in Case. still slow as molasses on a cold day. My internet speeds via speedtest are at my paid speed of 1 gig, and my locations is Orlando. ISP is AT&T.

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Another virtual pilot friend of mine is also having the same slowness. Location Pensacola, also…AT&T


For me, it’s extremely slow loading any type of charts via the Navigraph Charts browser (Chrome) or the Charts desktop app (Windows 11).

Definitely becoming a problem as others above have commented they’re noticing too. It feels like there’s some type of delay with Charts trying to download/load the chart.

@Ian - per your request:
Dallas, TX - AT&T

Hi Team,

It looks like ISP AT&T is a common factor. Can any of you connect via a different ISP, maybe using your mobile phone.

Any improvement ?


There’s definitely something going on with AT&T then?

Wanted to add additional context, if it helps?

See the spinning wheel:

Or if I want to overlay a SID or Arrival, it won’t even display (waiting 3+mins):

I’m having same issue. In Dallas area with AT&T. Confirmed same up to date version and build.

I switched from desktop app to ios and still extremely slow to load. At&T isp.

Hi Team,

We have seen such cases in the past, with many users with the same ISP having problems reaching Amazon AWS. This seems to be another of those cases.

Please check with AT&T technical support for connectivity issue with Amazon AWS.


I’ve contacted ATT and through much hair pulling and teeth grinding they say there was an issue and working on it… We’ll see. I’d recommend all others with same issue contact ATT support.

[Brielle] : Just now I have checked with the team there is server issue on this So it will fixed within 3-4 hours.

[Me] : ok great

5 hours later… :frowning_face:

Don’t think this is an Amazon AWS thing. Hopefully Navigraph will work hard to resolve this issue because it really is bothersome waiting for charts to load.

If this continues, then maybe another charts provider is in order. Suggestions on good charts for sim most appreciated.

10 hours later…

Navigraph appear to be fixed and running smoothly. Praying this continues. :crossed_fingers: :+1:

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Not so sure this is ISP related. On my PC, no matter what program I’m using, whether it’s the desktop app, the in-game plugin or G3000 charts utility within the aircraft, the charts will take forever to load. Minutes within the apps and even longer within the g3000. And yet I’m having zero issues with the Navigraph App on my phone. PC connected via 2.5Gbps ethernet port with ATT U-Verse and my ATT phone is 5G

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Well, ATT must’ve pushed the right buttons because my Charts app is running much better now. Hope everyone else sees the same improvement.

Well son of a gun, you’re right @Jherr0420 - IT IS WORKING AGAIN!!!

Wooooo hoooo. I never thought in a million years AT&T would ever care to fix the issue. That’s amazing.

10pm UPDATE: the problem is back. :frowning: