Problems getting Navigraph to work with FS 2020

Is there a video or write p that explains the step by step process of installing Navigraph and its components. Also, I have an account with Navigraph but can’t sign in. I have acorrect password but when i sign in it takes to the same page I can’t get out of. It keeps telling me that I have an account but can’t get past that page. I downloaded Navigraph Navdata Center 1.0.0, navigrapph fms data manager, Navigraph+charts, and Simlink, but don’t know how to set everything up correctly. On windows 10.

Thanks for any help/

Hello John! Welcome to the forum.

Where are you trying to sign in? On the account page or in one of our apps? You mention not getting past a particular page, could you include a screenshot of it in your reply?

Thank you for reaching out, I’ll do my best to assist you!

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I think I figured it out. Got it all working and was impressed that having the map on second monitor did not reduce the FPS in FS2020, since putting the ATC window on a second monitor cuts FPS in half. It is apparent that this system is meant more for longer flights in larger aircraft, TBM and CJ4 included. (Can’t file VFR plan in Simbrief) The next question is how to get Working Title to put charts in the G 3000. Thanks for your offer of help, I might need it again in the future.

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I’m glad to hear it! I hope you’ll enjoy our product, feel free to reach out at any time.

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Came up with a question. I have a test/training route that I fly that[‘s close to where I used to live. It’[s KDET to KPTK. It['s short, therefore quick. I just entered a flight plan from KDET to KPTK and Simbrief suggested an 09 Left runway at KPTK, so I changed it to 27L because that is the VFR route I generally fly. However when I loaded the flight plan into the sim it kept the 09 L runway, and when I brought up the maps, my Icon stayed on the flight path but the complete path was not visible on the map, just a straight line to KPTK from KDET, but it did show the approach. I don[‘t think that’s the way it’[s supposed to display, am I missing something? Thanks for the help

Is this a question about Simbrief, or did you import the route from Simbrief into Navigraph Charts? That route sure is incredibly short and not directly suitable for IFR flight I’d say. A DIRECT would be appropriate. I unfortunately can’t answer for the exports made through Simbrief, but this is what our product comes up with if you autogenerate this route and don’t interfere yourself:

If you do some manual handling of the waypoints (which you can’t do in Simbrief), you can get something that looks like this instead:

This flight can be exported through the flight menu:


Overall, it looks like you’re trying to do a VFR flight, which will currently be hard to execute using the apps that we provide. We are, however, working on a new major version of charts that will contain everything needed for VFR flight!

I hope this clarifies your situation a bit!

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I missed the step that you described, exporting the plan to Navigraph. That implies that you export to both Navigraph and to fs200(Via the simbrief downloader). Is that correct?

Thanks for the help.

Importing a Simbrief flight into Navigraph Charts

You can easily connect your Simbrief account to Navigraph Charts in the settings of the app. That way, importing the flight plan from Simbrief is just a few clicks!


When you have added your username, you can go ahead and create a new flight. One of the options will be “From Simbrief” which will load the latest flightplan that you have on Simbrief.

Importing the flight into MSFS2020

You can do this through the Simbrief downloader. To do it with Navigraph Charts, the following applies:

There are two ways of getting a flight from Charts to MSFS. One is of course to use the export menu and select the MSFS export format, then load the result in the world map view.

The panel

Another way is to install the Navigraph Charts Panel (available in Navigraph Navdata Center which you can find in your Account page), which adds the Charts application directly into the sim through a toolbar. If you do this, and you open the panel inside the simulator, the export options will be different. You will now have the ability to export the flight from the panel and to the simulator directly, without any intermediate files!

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