Having to verify account every time?

I agree this is a problem however the ability to use the charts in FS2020 is awesome! Thanks for the work you have done on this its certainly worth the time!

evening gents,

just seeing if anything has been resolved from this thread?
I have the latest beta update and it’s becoming increasingly frustrating having to sign in every time

Thanks Josh


We are unable to solve it at this time due to limitations in the sim. We’ve been told these limitations will be resolved in one of the coming sim updates.

Did you see that the link on the login screen is now clickable? It will open a browser window. Could be more convenient than QR scanning perhaps?


Thanks for the reply Stephen,

I actually find the QR scanner a bit easier and quicker.
Well good luck in finding a permanent solution :slight_smile:

(just a thought if our accounts are logged in with simlink could that be used to verify the in-game chart too?)

Thanks for the reply.

Both the QR code and clickable link are equally a poor options for VR users as they require you to remove your headset to either grab your phone and scan or access your keyboard to login. A pop-up keyboard in VR that also appears when clicking the link MIGHT be helpful. Ultimately, not having to sign-in every time is the ideal solution, once that limitation is removed by Asobo.


We have investigated multiple possibilities to work around the limitations, but we have ultimately decided that each and every one (including your suggestion) would impose a security risk that we do not want to take. In this particular case, we’re better of just waiting for Asobo to fix it, and when they do the panel will/should automatically start persisting your credentials.

Thank you for understanding!

Kind Regards,

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Do we have any indcation of their progress on fixing this? Paying a lot for the access and it is unusable in VR.



We have made the issue known, but have no information on lead time to fix. Rest assured we shall notify our valued customers of any progress.



Confess to being confused as it appears the a320nx connection via the EFB is persistent so I assume this is peculiar to the toolbar itself. Honestly until this is resolved I won’t use it - I will continue with the app on a separate monitor.

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In the future will you guys get rid of this in game authentication? How about authenticating prior to flying and for the whole MSFS session?

Hi Guillaume,


I have moved your post to this thread. You will see we are waiting for a fix to MSFS.


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Cheers mate for the super fast reply and good news!

Thanks for working on this TEAM. I was about to post about it until I saw you were already on top of it!

Any news about this issue? It’s very bad having to activate on every flight.

Yes it is annoying and we too hope for a fix, but none so far.


Yes, this is a severe issue for me. The usual sequence, always in multiplayer VR:

  1. Realize I need something that only Navigraph provides
  2. Open the navigraph panel from the msfs toolbar
  3. Awkwardly position my VR headset to point at the scannable navigraph code on my TV
  4. Aim my IPhone at the jiggling code while I hold the VR headset on my brow to see
  5. Put my controller down and type/retype my username/password on the Navigraph site (squinting because I took off my glasses before I donned the VR headset)
  6. Finally hit the allow button before returning to my now distant mates, if I haven’t crashed

At this point I’d take any of the following:

  • Persist my login on navigraph.com so I don’t have to constantly re-login
  • Make the code bigger so my iPhone camera can see it across the room
  • Allow me to click a link in the msfs panel that opens a browser window

Thanks for listening…

Hi Chris,

We hear you but it requires a fix from MS/ASOBO which we are waiting for.

As a workaround, before you put your VR set on, maybe try clicking on the navigraph.com/code link , which will open a browser windows for login.


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That worked nicely. Didn’t know you could click the code. That’s a lot fewer steps now.


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Hi Chris,

You are welcome.

Happy flying


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