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I open it works and after a few INOP seconds something did not work moreover I have to open simBrief to have navigraph maps

@RR470201 Are you still having this issue?

@Samedijc I have turned on additional logging for your account. Are you using the desktop app or the web app?

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 create a flight plan on simBrief and if I want to open in the graphics it opens and can another window opens a second problem has occurred INOP reload same phenomenon see Forum
sorry that did nothing

Thanks, I now have some diagnostics to look at. I can see an error, but I cannot reproduce it myself. We will investigate!

ALL RIGHT ! I hope you find it, see you soon

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Thank you Malte for responding to my issue.

There´s no change in the appearence of INOP messages, but it is not longer a real “problem” since I found out, that it does not (and NEVER) will appear if I use “full” window only (on screen-presentation of “charts”).
BUT: In using the reduced window-mode the INOP-message appears regularly, espacially when I re-open the left smaller flight-planning window (for information or necessary corrections), and after that -as one of many examples- use the button on the main-window to display the complete flight track on the right main-window of “charts”. (I could describe more “variants” if necessary.)

(Normally I use CHARTS with other relevant programs (for example PFPX Flightplanner, Fuel- and TOP Calculators, Weather Information ( … simultaniously on “reduced” windows. All of them running on a Laptop, WIN10.)
Sometimes -when flying with a Co-Pilot- addiotionally I use “charts” on a androlid-tablet for further assistance.

Now 76 years old I´m “very familiar” with "ALL old versions of the “classical” FSX-Editions and “I´m sticking with it”. My FSX-FlightSimulator runs on a seperate Workstaion (WIN 7pro). (By the way: Not realy a “problem” but not very “comfortable” : In order to run SimLink I have to sign in to my navigraph account (nearly) EVERY TIME when I start EACH Computers. (Both of the reported “problems” started (roughly rated) about two months after one of the charts-updates.)

“Charts” is an outstanding product. Thanks to simlink -and your work- the three “platforms” work together in a perfect manner. Finally: I want to thank you very much for your kind assistance. (And: Sorry for my “bad english”.)

Kind regards from Innsbruck (LOWI), Austria,

Thanks for the details! Much appreciated. A good portion of the team is currently on holiday but we shall look further into this as soon as possible!

Charts and Simlink are completely separate applications, so any update of Navigraph Charts would not affect Simlink. However, the behavior that you describe is not the intended one - you are only meant to have to sign in once! There is a multitude of factors that might play in here though, so please create a separate thread if you want us to investigate it further!

Your English is perfectly fine! Thank you for the kind words, you are most welcome!

Kind Regards,

Thank you Malte for responding to “my INOP-issue” again. GOOD NEWS: You have “turned on additional logging” for my account. After logging out and log back in, CHARTS is working (perfectly) now as before, without any further inop-message.

Happy to hear that! Let me know if it comes back!

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