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Good morning
I am a monthly subscriber and when I want to have the moving map, I get the message “INOP an unexpected event”.
Could you update my account in this regard?

Hello! Thanks for the feedback.

Since you have provided no details as to what version, OS or app you are using I am going to assume that you are using the desktop app on Windows. If this is incorrect, please let me know!

Please follow these steps to submit your log file:

  1. Press Win + R
  2. Type %appdata%/Navigraph Charts/logs and press enter
  3. In the Explorer window that opens, locate the main.log file
  4. Upload this file to your next post

Note: If you are using Navigraph Charts on a very small screen, or have just restricted the space available to the Charts application to a small area, this is a known issue that we are working on! See these topics:

The temporary solution is provided in topic #1:

Kind Regards,

Hi. Yes, I’m using a desktop and Navigraph charts, with W10. So, I have expanded the charts to stop the error message. Then just want for the update fix. Thanks for your help.

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Hello again!

This should now be fixed in the recently released v8.33.0! Let us know if you are still seeing this issue.

Kind Regards,

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