Charts failing to export to MCDU Asobo A320

When i try to load flight plan to MCDU by exporting (load as active flight plan) it does export. It did previously. I now have to manually insert the flight plan into the MCDU…any ideas?

Are you talking about the default A320 offered with the game?

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Which version of the panel do you have installed? If you are not already on 8.4, then that is the reason you are seeing this issue. Please update the panel through the Navigraph Hub!

Also see this topic:

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Hi Matte…that worked…sort of…it loaded the flight plan into mcdu…it loaded my departure but would not list my destination airport…i tried using simbrief and using charts…same issue…if i manually put the route in the mcdu the destination airport becomes the first waypoint in the flight plan…any ideas?

yes I am but also payware A321 A319

Our panel would only be expected to work with default aircraft, payware addons may include their own flightplan systems which we can’t possibly know about unfortunately.

Do you have an example of a flight that you are unsuccessfully trying to load?

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Itried KPHL to CYOW…routed me to SYR

Then tried going back to main menu. Created CYOW to KMSP…same issue…diagram on charts shows the route but in MCDU KMSP was not the last waypoint. This was on the default A320…

Hmm, I am not sure what exact steps you are taking, but I don’t think I can reproduce.

Here is what I did:

  1. Open the charts panel
  2. Create a new flight between KPHL and CYOW
  3. Press the autoroute button (gave me a route through SYR)
  4. Switch to export tab and press Load as active flightplan
  5. Press F-PLN on the left MCDU
  6. Verify that the whole route is there (scrolling down using the button)

Everything checks out. All waypoints are there, and the destination is listed as the bottom entry at all times. Here is a short video of the MCDU result:

Are you seeing something else after following the same steps?

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Thanks for the response. The only rhk g I did different was create the plan on simbrief then import it to charts. I will try doing it straight from the charts interface.

Every other aircraft i have tried works fine.


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