Charts app down

Charts app no longer working on my ipad on ipad os 16.7.2 and on my iPhone 12 which has the latest iOS update.
Tried to reinstall the app, reboot my devices but no success.
I get the sign in screen but when I push the sign in button nothing happens.

Hello! Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the inconvenience!

This is not something that we can reproduce using an iPhone 12 on iOS 17.1.2 or an iPad Air (4th generation) on iPadOS 16.3. Apple verifies the application, including sign-in, before approving the app for release on the App Store.

Are you still having this issue?

If you are, then

  • Do you happen to have uninstalled Safari?
  • Can you try a different network connection?

Kind Regards,

Thanks for your reply. This morning all is working fine again.

Thanks for letting us know! Happy flying!