Charts airplane on maps

I have tried every thing to show aircraft on maps but says it cannot connect to p3dv4? simlink is running and, it worked fine yesterday. Would like to continue using Navigraph but, as of now I have spent to much time to get this to work again. ANY ideas?


In Prepar3Dv4 Options/Add-ons, make sure Navigraph Simlink is enabled.


Hi i got only m1 iPad 8gb ram 64gb Space and i cant Find apps Adds weather in higher fl above 7000 feet and its much of same weather all tour todays AirPort in both sleeping and promille and No license

Can i do weather loads from old MacBooks and if yes how old
to my iPad 2022 m1 air what is the oldest macbooks 8 gb ram and 3 ghz and the systemreq for X-Plane 12

It’s some boring to never get headwinds and or tailwinds in this retired medium

And since navigraph not delivers some to iOS only fms is needed I suggest you lower prices 78%

Hi Ian, when I look at options/Add-ons, Navigraph Simlink in not there. Any thoughts? Thanks

I restarted every thing and addon simlink is there and selected. Now I get Navigraph cannot detect a flight plan in you sim but simbrief did put flight plan in p3fv4. ?