Could not connect to simulator

Hi there!

I have been reading all sort of FAQ’s and posts but I cannot get my Navigrpah Simlink to work…

Every time I run Navigraph Charts and select “enable moving maps” options, an error pops up saying “could not connect to simulator”.

After checking Simlink I realized that under simulator it says “Navigrpah Simmlink cannot detect a flight in your simulator”. I have already updated and uninstall simlink under plugins settings and have uninstalled it from Windows without luck.

I am uploading my log hoping it may be of help.
simlink_2021-02-01.dlog (10.6 KB)

Would really appreciate your input, guys. Thank you.



We expect to release a new Simlink version very soon. I suggest waiting for that and we can then check if it is resolved.

Thank you for your understanding.