Chart8 Line Type Determination


As requested by Malte on Discord. What determines how Charts8 creates the lines. In this example there is a dashed line, solid lines, and solid lines with distance and bearing. All waypoints except the airports are lat/lon locations.


Southern-Norway.pln (3.8 KB)


The dashed segments are due to some waypoints being incorrect. See the red waypoints in the top bar. These are incorrectly formatted.

When corrected (592650N008325E > 592650N0083250E and 60008N0105531E > 600080N0105531E) it looks like this:

No dashed lines, and all segments have bearing/distance (sometimes hidden when zoomed out, zoom in for label to pop out).

Corrected route: ENCN/03 DCT 580150N0072812E DCT 580426N0064145E DCT 582856N0063917E DCT 590035N0065640E DCT 592650N0083250E DCT 593712N0085749E DCT 594449N0095156E DCT 595644N0104226E DCT 600080N0105531E DCT ENKJ



Thanks for that information Stephen. Where those waypoint errors a result of parsing ATCWaypointType User XML DMS to Decimal Degrees by charts 8 or bad input data? Additionally the XML file has ATCWaypointType Airport waypoints enroute for touch and go landings. Are enroute airport ATCWaypointType waypoints ignored by Charts 8? ICAO ENNO is an example.