Wayponts wont connect?

Noob here, been using simbrief for a shortwhile now. Came across this in navigraph and wasnt sure why they will not connect? Thanks for any help!

IF I have this in the wrong section I appologize!



If you mean the dashed lines,

If you overlay map 10-2E4 onto your chart you will see multiple arrows indicating vectors are required to make the leg from LOBNU to ONGOX, so dashed line on map.

Similarly for map 10-3 connection between CYXU2 and ARC03:


Oh okay, so I need to fly that heading until im notified bt atc to continue my flight? Sorry again big noob here. Been trying to learn but doing so slowly haha

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Yes, if you have ATC, otherwise at your discretion. :slight_smile:


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