Route line problem

I created a short flight from Shannon (EINN) to Gatwick (EGKK). I noticed the segment from KURUM to NORLA had the distance and course on the route line, but all other segments only had the Airway identifier. It would be very useful if all segments showed the distance and course.

My title is a request rather than a problem, sorry I should have been more clear.

I also noticed that a VOR to VOR also has no course on the route line preventing us from selecting a radial from or to a VOR beacon.



Currently the distance and bearing are only shown directly on the map for non-airway legs. For airway legs you can get the distance and radial by clicking the leg and checking the panel in the bottom left.

Hiding distance and bearing on airway legs is mainly for decluttering purposes as those labels can become long.

Given the possibility to click the segments, would you still prefer everything to be shown in the labels?


Thanks for your reply.

I see your point, but just showing the distance and bearing on the route line would not clutter the screen unnecessarily in my view and would prevent us needing to click the screen just to see info that would normally be displayed on a aviation chart or map, so yes I would like to see it included.

Thanks for listening, Glen

Hi Stephen

I have just seen a few route screen shots from Navigraph staff including yourself answering other people’s questions and noted the distance/bearing label is on every segment in the route line.

Why is my example above different by just showing the airway identifier - have I missed a setting somewhere?


Because of this:

Those other screenshots are showing only DCT legs if they have a distance/bearing label. But I have noted your request to show these also on airway legs.


Ok I understand now, thank you.