LIEE dep procedure

i don’t know if this is a problem.
try to insert this dep procedure on liee:
now, open chart overlay:

the path is not correctly aligned on chart.
Same here:

is this normal?

Hello! Thank you for the feedback.

Unfortunately, the answer is both yes and no.

Yes - it is normal for the turns not to match exactly between the navigation data and the chart. This is because one component in rendering these turns is the speed, and we can’t determine which speed Jeppesen used when making the chart. If you look at Foreflight (the EFB app provided by Boeing/Jeppesen directly), they don’t even try to draw any turns and instead draw lines directly between each waypoint, so I assume that they have the same challenge.

No - The initial heading on the first screenshot looks off. We will investigate this part an see if there is anything we can do to improve the situation!

At this point, there have been a lot of reports for this specific airport. We’re beginning to think that something is up with this airport specifically, and will look into it as soon as we can!

Kind Regards,