Chart plotter in game app?

Hi, I’m a private pilot and have recently purchased msfs, vr headset and navigraph primarily for VFR. In VR there is one simple thing missing in Navigraph that would revolutionise flying in VR for me and student pilots alike.

I’m referring to something like a Pooleys RNP-2 Chart Plotter for fast, combined readings of headings and distances. It’s more difficult to navigate by dead reckoning without this and I use one all the time in real life.

Or is there a similar feature in Navigraph I could use to get bearing and distance from a VRP to a waypoint?

Flying without a GPS or radio aid is so much more challenging and fun. Plus with the msfs amazing visuals seriously great practice,

This is the one thing missing that makes me consider returning to a monitor setup and physical charts that I can use with the plotter in flight.

Best regards

Sorry, I think I can answer my own question. In the iPhone app I can create a route by adding two waypoints which will give me the bearing and distance.

Hopefully I can do that in the in-game app when I’m in VR. I assuming I can.