Changi Airport Singapore WSSS all arrivals missing in MSFS 2020?

this is a limitation in the sim. The reason is, that the runway 02R/20L is missing in the sim:

Here the real-world charts:

Now, in our data there are the procedures for 02R/20L also but the logic in the sim is, when a procedure can´t be assigned to an runway - all STARs will be disabled completely. Sorry, that´s an internal logic and we can´t do anything for that.

There is a similar logic for SIDs but here, the only the SIDs will be disabled, which can´t be assigned to a runway. Therefore you have SIDs. I have no idea, why there is a different logic between SIDs and STARs but it must be a reason for that.

Hope that helps,

PS: again, all procedures are still in the updates but not selectable. Here you find a similar report with the SIDs and where a user has manually added the missing runway and has immediately the SIDs