Changi Airport Singapore WSSS all arrivals missing in MSFS 2020?

Why are all the arrivals missing at Singapore’s Changi Airport in MSFS 2020?

this is a limitation in the sim. The reason is, that the runway 02R/20L is missing in the sim:

Here the real-world charts:

Now, in our data there are the procedures for 02R/20L also but the logic in the sim is, when a procedure can´t be assigned to an runway - all STARs will be disabled completely. Sorry, that´s an internal logic and we can´t do anything for that.

There is a similar logic for SIDs but here, the only the SIDs will be disabled, which can´t be assigned to a runway. Therefore you have SIDs. I have no idea, why there is a different logic between SIDs and STARs but it must be a reason for that.

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PS: again, all procedures are still in the updates but not selectable. Here you find a similar report with the SIDs and where a user has manually added the missing runway and has immediately the SIDs

Thankyou for taking out the time and clearing the confusion.

Hi, so Changi Airport today has the two main runways (02L / 20R and 02C / 20C). The other two (02R / 20L) are there as part of the new Terminal 5 construction but are not operational. They’ve always been there but were either used by the military or kept for emergency use. They have never been operationally part of Changi Airport.

I’ve noticed that for runway 02L, there are no STARs - but they were there previously so something happened. I will report it in the MSFS 2020 ticketing system. But thanks for explaining the situation with the SIDS and the STARs.

the point is, that there are terminal procedures existing for 02R/20L (one vector SID and one RNAV approach each runway) … and when the runway existis in real (if operational or not, or if for military or emercency) then it should be included.

So, thanks for the ticket at ASOBO … hopefully, they will add it soon …
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