Change Simbrief Username in Navigraph Charts app

It seems it is not any more possible to change the simbrief username in Navigraph charts app.
This missing feature is very annoyoing when we want to fly in sharedcockpit mode and use the same OFP.
Is it please possible to include it back in a next update ?

PS : it could even be better if, when you want to import from simbrief, you could either automatically downoad from your reregistered simbrief ID or had the choice to manually specify another ID


The sharing of another’s username is not permitted, nor supported.

We do plan a “Share Flight” button that will allow users to import the exact same flight options and then generate their own matching OFPs in SimBrief.


Hi Ian, thanks for your reply.
I’m not here talking about sharing account (we both have our individual Simbrief and Navigraph accounts, and we both have a Navigraph Unlimited yearly subscription).

I’m just talking about the simbrief OFP import feature, which is open (you can import every simbrief user latest OFP).

Before latest update you could use a manually entered simbrief user name in navigraph charts to import a flight plan, which doesn’t seem to be possible anymore …


There are licensing and support reasons why importing another users OFP is not supported. Hopefully the planned “Share Flight” will provide much of what you are seeking.


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