Problem importing OFP flightplan from SimBrief into NaviGraph

Whilst attempting to import OFP from SimBrief into NaviGraph, I get this: SimBrief username: “Bob Hanks” doesn’t seem to have any saved OFP.

At the top right hand side of NaviGraph charts, the profile menu tells me I am signed in as “CapnSimeon”, and under settings it states my SimBrief username is “Bob Hanks”.

I do have a saved OFP, or I think I do, so could somebody please let me know where I’m going wrong as there’s no option to clear or reset the username I initially entered.


Hi Bob,

Sign out of Simbrief and sign in choosing your SimBrief username. In Charts Settings set the same SimBrief username?


Hi Ian,
Thank you for your support.
Slightly confusing because Simbrief asks me to login using Navigraph. When I do so the only information it asks for is my email address and password. Not my username. Once signed in my account name is “Bob Hanks”.
If I then sign in to Navigraph an identical login box appears that again only asks for email and password. Once signed in, as I explained earlier, it tells me I am signed in as CapnSimeon.

Perhaps I shoud delete my Navigraph account and re-apply using the same credentials as Simbrief?

Check what are you entering for simbrief username in Charts settings?


Hi Ian

OK, it took me a while as I didn´t realise I could change my username in Navigraph settings.
Many thanks for your help.


BTW, it´s now working fine.

Sorry… is there a way to export an OFP from SimBrief to NAVIGRAPH??

Surely, I’m loosing something…


You haven’t explained what you’ve tried that hasn’t worked.

For me it went something like this: After saving my OFP in Simbrief I went over Navigraph and logged in.
Pressed Flights > New Flight > From Simbrief: If you get an error at this stage, something like: SimBrief username: “Your Name” doesn’t seem to have any saved OFP, go into NavGra > settings (top right) and check that the name in settings matches the name you are signed in as. This should also be the same as your Simbrief username. For instance mine is ¨CapnBob¨

Hope that helps

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