Can't sign in to charts

So I just purchased a subscription for charts+Navdata. I installed the charts program in win 10, and I clicked sign in but when I did this I couldn’t get the link to load in my browser. A new tab would open, but the page would never load. I even tried running it in admin mode.

Also, when I open the Navdata program, it just says simulator not found, even though Simlink found it and it installed fine.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I am running P3D v4


Then you are using the wrong Navdata Program. You need to use the FMS Data Manager.
The Navdata Center is MSFS only at this time.

Thanks, I will download the correct program. Also, is there a way to show you real time position on the charts’ app? I thought it was possible before but could be wrong.


Hi Jason,


Please restart Windows. As a test try setting Chrome as your default browser. Can you now login?

Re Simlink and Moving Map, Please post screenshots of Simlink Status and Simlink Plugin Settings pages. You can find details at Posting Guide - Uploading Screenshots and FAQ - Simlink Install and Systray


Thanks, I was finally able to login. I will post the screenshots below. I had the charts app open and had my route show up but didn’t see my aircraft position on any of the charts

In second screenshot, press Uninstall Simlink, then press Install Simlink.

Run P3D.

In first Screenshot post screenshot of Simlink Status General: