Unable to Import Flight Plan from MSFS In Panel

I find this a bit of a strange one, and I have workarounds, but I can’t understand why this doesn’t work…

In MSFS, with the Navigraph In Game Panel open, I unload any flight plan and then click Import File and try to click Import From File, but no dialogue box opens.

I have MSFS full screen when this happens, but I often use MSFS only in VR mode. When in VR Mode, if I try to load a flight plan in the World menu (not in Navigraph) I don’t see the dialogue box either, but I know it opens because I can see it on my screen (just not in VR). I end up doing a combination of pressing ESC and swapping applications on my screen to get back to MSFS, exit VR and then load the flight plan on the screen (not VR).

I wondered if the same thing was happening with the Navigraph panel, but checking outside the full screen MSFS there is nothing open, so it’s like the click to Import is doing nothing and it’s not a VR thing as I’m not in VR when this happens.

Any ideas please?



You are correct. That option can’t be implemented in the Charts In-Game Panel because the simulator does not allow such file-system access. We shall remove the option.


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Thanks Ian. Glad I’m not going mad!

Although I didn’t read the manual, perhaps the suggestion is to load the flight plan before starting the flight in msfs.

Great product, would love a more detailed VFR map in the UK, like the CAA half mil charts, in future updates please.

If you are talking about loading a flight plan into MSFS World Map, before switching to VR, could you just load the Navigraph Charts plan into the In-Game Charts?

I guess it depends an when you switch to VR?


No, I’m referring to getting a flight plan into Navigraph. You confirmed the Navigraph panel within MSFS won’t load import a flight plan so my workaround (and suggestion for inclusion in the manual/FAQs etc) is to load / import the flight plan into Navigraph before starting the flight in MSFS.

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