Can you still export a route and fly in MSFS if destination airport is missing STARS?

Hi There,

I am pretty new to NaviGraph just signed up today to try and plan some routes and have access to charts. I planned a route and my Origin has everything but my arrival is missing STARS :frowning:

So I am just a little confused if I would still be able to fly the route ?

Thanks in advance , Any help is appreciated.



STAR’s provide a quick way for a standard set of waypoints to be added to a plan, and therefore flown. If they don’t exist you can always program in waypoints yourself. It is of course open to the pilot to fly to each waypoint unless under ATC instruction.

BTW for which airport are the STAR’s missing?


Hi Ian,

Thank you for the reply much appreciated. Honestly I thought maybe I am doing something wrong so I tried other airports , i can’t remember which ones are missing. Is there somewhere I can report missing stuff ?

Sorrry total NOOB! , about 1 month into MSFS and all this so I am learning :slight_smile:


You can report them here. First, please use the excellent search function as there are many posts regarding missing SID/STAR’s, mostly due to limitations in the sim.


Will Do!

Thanks Ian