Missing waypoints -SIDS,STARS and Approaches

I am new to Navigraph although have used Simbrief.
I use MSFS 2020 on a pc with the Retail Disk version and mainly the PMDG 737-700
I have a simple problem for which I cannot find a solution in previous posts or videos.
When I generate a Navigraph flight plan using the “auto generate route” button and then manually add the missing SIDS,STARS and Approaches (pressing the "Add to route"button) I appear to have a complete route (no dashed lines on route map in Navigraph).
I then export the route to my file of flight plans in my PC for my preferred aircraft (PMDG 737). When I then import this flight plan into the FMC of the 737, the waypoints for the SIDS, STARS and Approaches are missing and the route is incomplete. I can go back to the original Navigraph map and insert those waypoints manually, but should’nt they be transferred automatically as part of the overall route. It applies to all routes I generate.
I must be missing some very simple step.



This seems to be intended . Please see Exporting flightplan into PMDG 737 NGX (FSX)



Thanks. That’s very helpful.



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