Can’t view Sid’s/stars

When I create a flight plan I click on Sid’s/stars no drop down menu opens for me to select a sid or star I tried a couple of airports Egph and egbb but no sid star selection is available

please be so kind and let us know where, in which sim, in which flightplanning tool? Which addon you possible use? If you possible use 3rd party sceneries, …

It’s impossible to know that after reading your posting, sorry.


I’m creating a flight plan in simbrief but clicking on find Sid’s/ stars no Sid’s or stars are available to choose, my sim is msfs and I use the pmdg 737.
Thank you

… but does your flightplan not containing a SID and a STAR, depending on your selected runway and route?


Yes it does but I was wondering why when I select find Sid’s/stars that other dep/arrivals weren’t available for selection

Hi, when there is only 1 SID or STAR option that links to your route from your selected runways, the SID/STAR will simply be added to your route without the pop-up window appearing (since there is nothing to select).

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Ok didn’t realise that thank you for letting me know appreciate the help

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