SIDS and STARs now not available?

So my SIDs and STARs have disapeared?

From a Saved version:

Latest Generated

Today before generation:

Any ideas?


SimBrief’s suggested routes for these airports have been submitted by VATPAC staff, so they should be the preferred real-world routes.

The preferred routes between airports do not always contain SID/STARs. There could be a few reasons for this, perhaps ATC might vector aircraft directly onto the approach (without using a STAR), or perhaps they will assign a STAR only once enroute. The main point is that a route does not absolutely need a SID/STAR to be valid, in some cases the correct/realistic route is one without SID/STARs. It depends on the country and the airports in question.

With all that said, you should be able to manually generate a route that contains SID/STARs by opening the “Route Finder” section and clicking “Find Route”.

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Ended up just using Navigraph Charts, but will try the above.
Just wondered why the SID/STAR capability for that route had disappeared.