Can I generate a route without SIDS/STARS

G’day everyone,

I’ve been using SImbrief for years and love it but have a slight issue with Flight Plans for the new PMDG 737.

I’d like to be able to generate a Plan without SIDS/STARS then add them myself later but I can’t see a way of doing that at the moment (for the PMDG aircraft anyway). This way I can use the Downloader and drop the Plan right into the FMC which gives me the opportunity to plan the Dep/Arr myself.

Grateful for the help



Hi Warwick,


How about deleting the SID and STAR (first and last entry) from the suggested Route. Then you get to keep all the parts in between.


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Why that’s so crazy it just might work! :laughing:

Often it’s the simple things you overlook. Thanks mate.


Or you can use the free SimToolkitPro, where you can plan flights and in the advanced options you can choose if you prefer SID and/or STAR. It will connect to simbrief and generate a flight.

As the SID/STAR change base on wind and other fact, will not be better to have a route without?