Overview of SIDs and STARS when planning

I was planning a flight from LICD-LICG and was not given any STAR options even though there are a few that exist in the Navigraph charts.

When creating a flight between EGLL-LICG, despite the route generation taking a very long time, and despite only getting a route after selecting Find Route in the Route Finder sub-menu, I was given STAR options for LICG.

Is there a way to visualize (or at least see a list of) the different SID/STAR options for an airport rather than just one, two or none that Simbrief think are the best choices? What if we want to use a STAR even if one isn’t suggested, or a specific SID that may not be suggested? I know we can manually input them, but it means going into Charts visualizing them there and writing them into the flight plan manually.

At least, I think I can. I just tried inputting RUBR2Z and then DOBI2A (just as examples of STARs) and I get: ‘Notice: STAR or fix “RUBR2Z” not found.’ and ‘Notice: STAR or fix “DOBI2A” not found.’

What am I doing wrong and is there a way to see all of the SID and STAR options?

Also, I looked at a longer routing, from HLLT-LICG and that one does show the RUBR2Z STAR that I was expecting to see from LICD. In fact, the routing (SARK1C SARKI DOBIX M740 RUBRI RUBR2Z) goes right over LICD.

So, I am confused as to why I’m seeing it in some flight plans, but can’t input it in others.

I posted some questions related to viewing SID and STAR options in the Dispatch section. Since I hadn’t gotten any responses, I thought I would post it here as well. The thread is at: Overview of SIDs and STARS when planning


The visualisations you are seeking of SID/STARs are provided in Navigraph Charts. Once you create a suitable flight plan you can use Type Route in Charts to copy to SimBrief.

The new Charts version currently in beta testing has comprehensive SID/STAR visualisation and selection capability.