SIDs and STARS visible?

Hi all. So I know that after I create a plan in sim brief, I need to select sids and stars in the simulator fmc. Is there a way to see the sids and star routes in map form, before you select the one you want? I created a a flight im flying from KMIA to KDAB and its insane long going past KDAB then back south past KMIA then going north. I just chose a sid and star and got that. How do I see the route im choosing? thanks

yes in our chart app. Here you have the possibility to make a visualization of all procedures on one screen, depending of the runway.

Like this:


You know…Ive seen that and thought thats what it was but it just looks like a bowl of spaghetti. LOL
I forgot about that page. Thanks.


Spaghetti is the right word for this, right … Sorry, I have made this screenshot from my phone, not the best I know but it seems enough to answer your question :innocent:

Thanks again and let us know whenever you have a question

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