Bug report - Telemetry data is wildly inaccurate

I decided to do a flight tonight to try out the new Charts app and especially the Telemetry.

Unfortunately most of the telemetry is way off. The instruments in the ToLiss A319 are showing an indicated airspeed of ~250 kt, Charts is reporting 254 kt. That’s good. TAS is showing as .715, Charts is showing 214 kt. Not quite right. GS is showing as 519 kt, Charts is reporting 267 kt. That’s way off.

Indicated altitude is not reported at all. Magnetic heading and vertical speed is correct. What isn’t seen in the screenshot is that true altitude is also off. I’m not sure what it was at that time, but a bit later flying at 10000 ft indicated at standard altimeter, it is reporting 3121 ft MSL.

Software versions:
iOS 17 Release Candidate
Charts version 8.29.0 Build 1. No updates available in App Store.

macOS Ventura 13.5.2 on the sim computer also running the mac version of Charts.
Charts version 8.29.1
SimLink version
X-Plane 11.55r2 (build 115501 64-bit, Metal)
ToLiss Airbus A319 V1.9 build 1587

I have the .dlog file from SimLink but I’m not sure if it contains any data unsafe to post here (like access tokens). Let me know if you want it and if it’s safe to post.

I have included two screenshots. One of the simulator and one of the Charts app on my iPad. Charts on macOS is showing the same data as the iPad app.

Hello Erik! Welcome back!

Thanks for the detailed report! We will look into this as soon as possible and get back to you!

Kind Regards,

Actually, can you verify that the plugin has been updated, not just Simlink?

You can do this by either deleting it manually in the X-Plane plugins folder or by opening the plugin settings in Simlink and uninstalling & reinstalling it!

That was it. I updated the plugin through the Simlink application and it is now working. Well everything except for Local time and Zulu time that are still dashed.

Does the plugin not get updated automatically with simlink?

Happy to hear it! The time values are expected:

It is supposed to update the plugins, as long as you get the prompt after doing an update saying that the plugins have been updated.

If you do see that message but the plugins are not updated, please create a new topic! Perhaps there could be a permission issue or something.

Sounds like this is solved for now though!

Kind Regards,

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