Incorrect values in telemetry

I’ve noted a bunch of telemetry metrics that are incorrect.

These metrics are wrong/do not match sim:
Groundspeed, True airspeed, True altitude, Height AGL, Pressure altitude, Transponder, Local time, Zulu time, Destination ETA, Destination ETE

Running XP12 v12.06r1 and Simlink

Hi! Thank you for the feedback.

Which aircraft are you flying? We are relying on the default X-Plane datarefs for each of the mentioned metrics. In what way are they incorrect? They should all work, with the exception of the time values:

Local/Zulu time - not supported for X-Plane since the simulator does not have a timezone concept. (Fun fact - there is technically only one year in X-Plane, and time is determined as “day and seconds since midnight”)

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Actually, there seems to be an issue with the transponder value as well. We’ll try to change that for the next Simlink update!

Im having the same problem.

I was flying the Rotate MD-11. GS and TAS were both around 260kts, speed in sim was 294IAS (correct) 522GS and 511TAS.

True altitude and height AGL were around 10000-11000ft, pressure altitude read 0 the whole flight. Altitude in sim was FL350 flying over ocean.

The bad speeds and time I assume were because of the bad GS and INOP times for XP12.

A few incorrect units were involved, which likely led to incorrect values being shown. A new Simlink update was just released that should fix this, please let us know if this works better!

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Latest Simlink downloaded. Flying Hot Start CL650. Heading, speed etc accurate but Distance, Time, ETA, ETE to destination all wildly inaccurate.

That’s a great start!

Now, please elaborate on how it is inaccurate. To clarify, all metrics under “Destination” (distance, bearing, ETA, ETE and descent) are based on the assumption that you fly directly towards the destination.

We do not yet have the necessary data to calculate the above based on your flightplan and/or aircraft performance. That will come in a future version!

Based on this, do they still seem inaccurate? Is there any way that we can clarify that these values are meant to be used for “direct to destination” scenarios?

As for the time, what is incorrect about it? If you are on the latest version, the time should be blank since it is not supported for this simulator:

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Testing on XP12 Toliss A21N. Simlink & plugins updated to v1.1.32.0709

Speeds are still off: GS reported as 777kt, actual 461kt; TAS reported 769kt, actual 456kt; IAS reported 262kt and is correct.
Altitudes seems to be fixed.

In regards to Time I was referencing ETA & ETE not local time etc. Thanks for clarifying the distance to destination is the straight line distance. Considering that the flight plan, SID & STAR are selected and part of the route, I assumed it would take that into consideration when calculating the distance and time to destination but appreciate now that isn’t the case yet.

@EHM2186 Thanks for the report! You are obviously right, we have identified the issue and will fix this!

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Can you give the latest update a go? It should fix the reported issues!

Everything looks good now. Awesome work!

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