Incorrect height AGL telemetry

I am finding the Height AGL to be the same as the indicated altitude which isn’t correct when flying in mountains

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Please provide more details, such as:

  • The area you are flying in
  • What simulator you are using
  • What OS you are running, and in the case of macOS - what architecture (Intel/Apple Silicon)
  • What Simlink version you are using

If you are using X-Plane, ensure you are on the latest Simlink version and then reinstall the plugins!

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Southwest USA. MSFS 2020. Windows. Navigraph 8.30

Same computer works flawlessly with Xplane 12

I cannot reproduce this, it works just fine for me. Can you provide more details, such as a flightplan/coordinates as well as what aircraft you are flying?

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Apologies, it is quite possible that I have made a mistake here.

We identified this issue last week and I thought for sure that we had released a patch for it, but it is quite possible that we have not yet done so. I will verify this and get back to you as soon as possible!

Again, sorry for this. It is quite possible that I am running a fixed version of Simlink that is not yet available to you!

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Hello again! Sorry, I forgot to update this topic after the release as it was delayed a couple of times.

The fix for this issue has been out for a while now! Thank you for the report.
If you find any other issues, please do let us know!

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