Telemetry Data Not Working

I’m using navigraph charts on my MacBook Pro (latest version) connected to my flight sim X-Plane 12 on my desktop PC also up to date and always works well without an issue.
Now I’m trying your new telemetry setting in charts, works all well except for couple of things. The Zulu time, local time and also Destination ETA. Destination ETE works though. Is there something I havnt activated or pressed to get this to work?
I’m flying WIII to WMKK with FF767-300ER FPDS latest version also.
Appreciate any help, thanks.
Attached is photo to see what I mean.

Hello Byran! Welcome to the forum!

Time values are not available in the way that we need them to be in X-Plane, which is why none of the metrics you mentioned are available to you. You can find more details in this post:

A potential solution is to ship a whole timezone database with our Simlink application, but so far we have decided against doing so.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the prompt and detailed reply! That would make sense. That’s unfortunate as that really adds to the realism of things in the simulator and is also I nice new quick way to check on things all in one place.

Well I hope that down the road you guys do decide to perhaps ship it out with sim link again! I don’t know how much work that entails, but thank you for all the hard work in everything you guys do to create new features and kool updates!

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We shall consider it for a future update for sure!
Thank you for the kind words.

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