[BUG] Export Charts Retention + File Format Save Bug + Feature Request

1st Bug:

When exporting a flight plan to the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (.pln) format - it does not retain the appropriate approach, it defaults back to “final” when I wanted it to be “transition” The transition I picked bleeds into final. It should retain the settings last known.

Transition = FSHER

2nd Bug:

When exporting flight plan, it replicates .pln.pln.pln over and over each time a new addition is saved…then I need to go and format it to NAME.PLN in my documents folder. In addition, if I modify the name before save to “name” and select the dropdown of .pln (default) it still saves extra dots prior to the appended .pln extension.

Request in relation to this:
Can we please have the last known export flight plan / save location be the default when exporting multiple flight plans? I have a pretty organized file structure on my computer and its kind of annoying to re-navigate to it each time.

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