Blank browser window then signing into charts

same issue here for the past few weeks, it asks me to select my browser (firefox) I get a weblink up in the address bar and a blank screen, this is also the same result with edge and chrome

Ive downloaded the latest version today hoping it was fixed and same problem present itself again, ive uninstalled and reinstalled via the download links in my account and same issues.

Simlink and fms data programs work fine along with aircraft plugins, its just the charts that’s causing the grief



We are looking into this. In the meantime please use Charts Cloud which has the same functionality.


Hello Matthew!

I have split your posts from the original thread as you’re describing a different issue.

Do you mean something like this?

As mentioned in the previous thread, we are always looking for ways to mitigate these kinds of issues. Unfortunately, we have never been able to pin issues like this one down to something that we are able to affect/control, as it has always been a matter of local issues with network, windows registry, firewall, router security settings etc.

In order to wrap our head around what’s happening in this case, we need more details. If you are seeing such a blank window despite the address bar showing a Navigraph-associated URL, please get back to me and we’ll troubleshoot this further!

Kind Regards,