Charts v8 blank screen

Hi … I am experiencing a blank screen issue.
Today I decided to upgrade to v8 and when launching Navigraph Charts on my Windows desktop I just get a blank screen.

I have followed the steps in other threads to uninstall, reboot, dis activate antivirus and firewall, and reinstall. But to no avail - same problem.

Any suggestions?

Hello Michel, thanks for reaching out!

Can you please provide a screenshot of the issue?

Kind Regards,

Thanks for reaching out .

I downloaded the Charts 8 from the Navigraph website. Simlink installs and runs fine. The Navigraph Charts launches but the app hangs as shown on the attachment. Same story if I re-boot and re-launch app.

I have tried from various Forum threads de-activating anti-virus, firewall, deleting folders in App Data/roaming/… but no luck


After some direct messages, this issue seems to have been caused by a special character in the user profile name and it went away after installing the app under a different user.

To anyone else having this issue - please:

  • Attempt to reinstall the application

  • Check the installation path for special characters

    • To find the installation, press ⊞ Win + R and type %localappdata%/Programs\navigraph-charts, then press Ok.
  • Make sure that permissions are correctly set up for the installation directory

Sorry for the inconvenience @ganadomi , I’m glad you got it working!

Kind Regards,

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