BIKF ILS 01 offset to the right?

I was on an ILS into BIKF, but I noticed that if I flew the approach I lined up to the right of the runway. I have the MK-Studios scenery installed if that makes a difference

sorry to say but this is not a Navigraph issue - the ILSs are all completely wrong - I have tested the MK Studio scenery and this is the result:

No Navigraph AIRAC installed, only MK Studio BIKF:

… approach ILS 01 - you see the localizer is exactly the screenshot above:

… I have also checked the ILSs directly in the BGLs - completely wrong values …

As comparison - the stock scenery with our data (AIRAC 2106 rev. 4) installed:

… approach (very short final) 01 - absolutely aligned:

Sorry to say, as you see, has nothing todo with our data - it´s a addon-scenery issue

That’s the weird, I tried both with and without the Navigraph scenery but with the same result

You must remove the MK Studio scenery (because as I have tried to describe above, it´s and addon-scenery issue not a navdata issue), when you want to try it with our data. When you have installed the MK Studio scenery + our data, the scenery overwrite our values and you have the same issue because nearly all addon-sceneries (free- and payware) have their own ILSs included, which means this ILSs will be used and not from our data.

So, when you want to try it - install our data and remove temporary the addon-scenery, you will see the lineup´s are perfect.


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