MSFS struggling with STAR APPR (for example LIRQ)

Dear Navigraph team,

I’m struggling with a lot of STAR approaches and hope you can give me a helping hand.

To give you one example … with the A32NX approach into LIRQ (using hte Gaya Scenery); BERO1V.

This is how it looks in Little Navmap (ok):

This is how it looks in the MSFS Map (ok):

And this how it looks in the Airbus (not so ok):

I really don’t know where to start to find a solution.

Thanks for your help and have a nice weekend,

Hi Fernandito,
you will not find any solution for that. The issue is more a in-game one with their flightmanagement logic. You can´t do anything for that and it´s data independet, means you will find a lot of such situations with the stock data also.

The WorldMap and the A320X uses exactly (and when I write exactly, I mean exactly) the same files for the navdata (in stock and with our update). So, it should be the same result, right … but it doesn´t as you see.

What I highly recommend is the WorkingTitle CJ4 mod. The guys there, uses not the in-game flightmanagement, they have written their own and here, you will see that nearly all procedures are working as expected. Again, all other in-game default aircrafts, also the Garmins doesn´t work very well due the bad and also confirmed logic by ASOBO. So there is a lot of space on improvements for ASOBO.

We can only offer the data but we have no influence on the logic behind, sorry.

When you look in our “Known issue” category, you will find a few similar issues, which we have found and which are still reported to ASOBO. Again, WorkingTitle CJ4 mod is a very good example, how the procedure looks, when the data will be interpreted correctly.


Hi Richard,

thanks for the quick feedback.

At least, now I know, that I made no errors installing navigraph and I don’t have to spend more time in searching for a solution.

I will give the CJ4 Mod a try and also wait for the FlyByWire Team to get to develop their own Flightmanagement.


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