Bad coding for SID altitude constraint


With MSFS latest version, I use A320 from FBW and Fenix.
Departing from LFRN runway 28, SID GODAN 5W has an altitude constraint before being able to turn south: “CA1200 ft”.
When we load this SID into the MCDU, we get screen 1 of the attached image.
By looking at what this “1200…” line corresponds to, we obtain screen 2 which indicates that the altitude constraint has been transformed into a waypoint with an imposed altitude, which is not normal.
Indeed, by plotting the coordinates of this waypoint on a map (Little Nav Map in the image), we see that this point is incorrect because the A320s reach this altitude well before point RN601 from which they turn south.
The simulation is distorted, the only solution being to delete the point and put an altitude constraint on the RN601 waypoint.

sorry, but thats not a waypoint from our source, it looks more that this waypoint is generated by the FMC. The ident name doesn’t follow the ARINC424 rules and therefore I can exclude that this is a coding issue in the source.

Sorry, please report this to Fenix.

Thank you


thanks for your answer.
Before to send this problem to Fenix Simulations, I’ll check how it’s coded in a real A320 FMC.


Allright, thank you!


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