Unexpected altitude constraint at KLAN

I’d be really grateful if someone might be able to explain to me an unexpected altitude constraint that I encountered during a flight yesterday.

The flight was from Springfield (KSPI) to Lansing (KLAN), in a Fenix A320. The route was fairly simply via IKK and AZO, with no SID and no STAR, into the ILS 28L approach, via QUBEE.

After TOC, ATC eventually guided me to descend to 2,500ft, which I duly asked the aircraft to do with a managed descent, and this is when a magenta 5,100ft constraint appeared on the PFD. I had constraints displayed on the ND and there was no such constraint displayed there, so this came as a bit of a surprise.

I then chose an open descent, so that I could comply with ATC, and ultimately made a good landing, but wondered if anyone could tell me where this 5,100ft constraint might have come from.

I’ve looked at the approach chart and can’t see anything and there are no STARs for KLAN, so I must be missing something else, possibly stupidly. :slight_smile:



Edit: I think I’ll try the same flight again, just to make sure I hadn’t somehow accidentally and unknowingly inserted an altitude constraint against one of the remaining waypoints in the FP. I don’t know how I might have done this and would still have expected it to show on the ND, but let’s see.

No worries.

It would appear that the QUBEE transition has a fixed altitude constraint of 5,183ft, whereas the approach chart has an altitude range, at least for the first time you pass it, between 2,500ft and 6,000ft.

It doesn’t pose a problem, as 5,183ft is still below the ILS 28L glide slope when passing the QUBEE waypoint for the final time, so the aircraft can still catch it without any difficulty. Also, MSFS ATC doesn’t appear to be too bothered about me not getting down to their instructed 2,500ft until I’m well into the final approach.

I guess you can close this one now.



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