KBZN SID BOBKT4 info wrong


The SID has an alt minimum at JAPER for 8000, however, the data loads it without a constraint. Actually quite important at this SID since “there be mountaints” right after :wink: (imagine pirate voice)

MSFS 2020,1.19.x version
CJ4 WT mod


hi @richard, I think you accidently tried to edit my post.

Yes, I have moved it into the correct category.


Hi Mark,
sorry for the delay of this answer but I was on vaccation and not every day on my laptop …
Thanks for the report - I can confirm this, the altitude constraint is missing in the MSFS AIRAC cycle, but we have it in the database - so parsing-error sorry for that …

I will fix it and will create a second revision … thanks for your help to find this issue!

PS: I will let this topic open, till I have fixed it :wink:

Hi again Mark,
revision 2 is out now, please update your AIRAC cycle via the Navigraph Navdata Center. This revision contains now the fix with the missing alt constrains on specific leg types.

Here, your reported example with AIRAC 2109 rev. 2 in the CJ4:

Thanks again for your time, your report and of course your patience :wink:

Great! I’ll update my cycle and give it a test run :slight_smile:

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