FMS Data: Missing Waypoints on SBRJ SIDs

Please, check the FMS data for SBRJ SIDs. There are some waypoints missing on the FMS data. In example, in the SID EVKOX 2A, the following waypoints are missing (and their respective altitude restrictions): DOVDA, EVLOG, ILPUB and LIXEP

What sim platform, AIRAC cycle and which add-on ?

I assume you included the SIDUR transition in the departure ?

I’m using P3D v4, AIRAC cycle 2105 rev 1, on Windows 10. Yes, SIDUR transition was selected on FMS for the SID EVKOX 2A

what addon do you use?

I have checked the PMDG - and here you see the correct waypoint sequence:

… but, I can´t select the transition in the FMC due a “constraint” message …

It looks a bug in the PMDG because as you see in the lines above, the altitude constraints are set correctly and also the FMC doesn´t return any error during the loading of the SBRJ file. So, it must be any other issue here … the waypoints are included and what I see, also in the correct sequence …


I´m using the PMDG 737NG, and that´s right, I’m getting this “ALT CONSTRAINT” error in the FMS. Thanks for the support. I´m going to PMDG and see if they can hunt this bug down.

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No problem - if possible, let us know the answer from PMDG. Possible, that also a lack of PMDG knowledge :roll_eyes: (at least from my side of course :wink:)

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